IE Throttle

IE Throttle 1.0

Cap uploads and downloads on IE


  • Easy to use and install
  • Excludes certain IP addresses


  • Can be uninstalled easily by other network users

Not bad
We've all had problems where our browsing speed has been limited by other uploads or downloads or problems on a network.

Often this can be related to other processes on your system but more often than not, it's because you have other downloads and uploads, such as on a P2P network, that's hogging all your bandwidth. In which case, usually there's not much you can but close the offending application down. Not to however with IE Throttle which allows you to limit the uploads and downloads on your system. You set the limits according to how much bandwidth you have and the program does the rest. You can exclude certain IP addresses however if it's essential that certain programs or pages need lots of bandwidth.

The good thing is that IE Throttle can even be used as a solution over an entire network because you can install it on individual PC's. The problem however is that users can easily uninstall it meaning that they can hog even more bandwidth to their heart's content whilst others suffer. To ensure that lost bandwidth is "caught up with" at a later stage, IE Throttle also features a "bursting mode" which detects when your bandwidth is at low usage and allocates it those applications that have been held back

IE Throttle is a useful little utility that can be of help to those individuals or even organization that have been experiencing bandwidth problems.

IE Throttle is a small plug-in for your Microsoft Internet Explorer, that allows you to cap download/upload rates.

It is one of the first applications ever published at As most of the applications listed and hosted at it is FREE and of no interest to most people.

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IE Throttle


IE Throttle 1.0

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    As useless as it can be.....
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  • by Anonymous

    Looks great! But it dont werk....
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